As keen foragers we’re always on the look out whilst out walking for things we can use in our recipes.

As the seasons change there are lots of different things to look out for when foraging and we try and incorporate these in our dishes throughout the year. In the last year we have foraged for things to add to our savoury and sweet dishes and also made our own cordial!

Back in May we were out walking in woodland in Sprotbrough and got the unmistakable waft of wild garlic so we wandered off the path and came across an abundance of wild garlic. We visited the area quite a few times over the following weeks to pick it whilst it was still in season and made our own wild garlic pesto from it. We then used it in our ‘quiche of the week’ special which was wild garlic mushroom. It proved so popular that its still on the menu and can also be found at The Badger Deli at The Hive, Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Around the same time we were foraging elderflowers on our local walks and used these to make our own elderflower cordial and also added it to our lemon drizzle cakes as part of our Summer afternoon tea. We have our own black elder in our garden so picked the pink flowers from the bush and made a pink elderflower cordial. We made pink elderflower wine too and champagne but kept that for ourselves!

In the coming months we’re looking forward to foraging elderberries, hawthorn berries, crab apples, sloe berries and blackberries so keep an eye out for our blogs to see what we will be making with them. We’ll also be recommending different ways to use foraged foods and what to look out for.