This is the time of year to be foraging for the ingredients to create our hedgerow ketchup

Autumn is definitely our favourite time of year and its the perfect time to introduce our limited edition hedgerow ketchup!

I have fond memories as a child going out picking blackberries with my Dad. We’d then take them home for my Mum to make a blackberry and apple crumble after our Sunday dinner. Since meeting Bri I have realised just how many berries can be foraged.

While out walking our dog Dalmore, we always look out for new things to forage. We have come across an abundance of wild berries in the last few weeks. We wanted to make the most of using locally sourced ingredients in our products. So we got to work on seeing what we could do with the berries on offer.

What goes in the ketchup?

We are lucky to live with open fields and lovely walks right behind our house. There’s access to a whole range of trees and bushes. For the hedgerow ketchup we foraged elderberries, blackberries, brambles, hawthorn, sloe and crab apples. The result is a rich ketchup which is perfect served with game, sausages or cheese.

As this product is seasonal we only make a limited amount which you can order directly through us. It is also available to purchase from The Badger at The Hive, Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Here you will find a selection of our savoury items  as well as our other homemade chutneys and jams. The next time you visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park be sure to pay them a visit and checkout Beeney’s products.

On top of the foraging we do we’re also lucky enough to be given lots of locally grown fruits to add to our crumbles and pies. These include apples, rhubarb, gooseberries and damson. Perfect comfort food for this time of year, the question is ice cream or custard?

Keep an eye out to see what we will be foraging for in the next few months.

You can order your hedgerow ketchup directly through us, either on Facebook or through our website. It is also available to purchase from The Badger at The Hive, Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Hurry, as the ketchup is seasonal and we only have limited stocks.