What happened when Beeney’s collaborated with Danvm Dry Gin?

It started back in August when we got together with Carl and Paul of Danvm Dry Gin. The idea was to see how we could incorporate Doncaster’s first artisan gin into one of our products.

The gin itself is London Dry in style and is traditionally distilled in small batches using a copper alembic still. Doncaster natural spring water, honey and lavender are skilfully balanced with carefully selected classic botanicals. This results in a superbly smooth, versatile and refreshing gin with lemon citrus notes.

Beeney’s Gin Chutney is created!

We already had our best selling Real Ale Chutney recipe created so we set about changing some of the ingredients. After a few attempts of it being a little too sweet we got the balance just right by adding 15ml of Danvm Gin to each 190ml jar. We used apples, onions, tomatoes and raisins along with a blend of botanicals and Beeney’s Gin Chutney was born!


Where can you find Beeney’s Gin Chutney?

Our Gin Chutney has been launched today and is only available at The Badger Pantry at the moment. The Badger are a specialist food shop based at The Hive, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster. They also stock a selection of our pastries and other chutneys alongside a whole range of artisan and locally sourced goods.

Our Gin Chutney is a perfect accompaniment to a cheese and meat board or an ideal gift for food lovers! Head to The Badger now to try it out.