Since introducing our first cookie pie just before Halloween last year, our customers have been going mad for them!

The first one we made was the Oreo one shown above which sold out straight away. As we were working on our Bonfire Night menu we decided to put a bit of a twist on the original pie and give it the famous S’mores topping. The S’mores are popular as a campfire treat in USA and Canada so are perfect warmed up on a cold night around the fire. The name S’mores comes from people asking for some more which we soon found our customers were!

Since then we have added another five different flavoured cookie pies to our selection with more being added right now! We make sure we complement the toppings with the perfect flavour cookie dough to get them just right. But if you want to make up your own concoction we love hearing other peoples ideas however weird and wonderful!

Our cookie pies will last up to a week if you can resist the temptation for that long. They can also be frozen but we have yet to hear from any of our customers who have needed to! They can be served at room temperature or are delicious warmed in the oven and served with your favourite ice-cream.

They’re also a great alternative to the classic birthday cake. Here’s a picture of a request we had recently for a Milky Way Stars topped cookie pie.

Here’s a list of the flavours we do at the moment




Mars Bar




Toffee Crisp

You can place an order through messaging the website, our Facebook page or calling 07444595584

Alternatively if you fancy a slice with your favourite cuppa call into The Hub in Auckley or Fika in Rossington