What could be better on a chilly night than tucking into a homemade pie, proper grub! Well from 7th-13th March you’ve got the perfect excuse, Great British Pie week!

Here at Beeney’s we change the filling of our pie each week and this week sees our best selling steak and ale just in time for Great British Pie week.

So what makes our pies so popular? Each of our family size pies is fully loaded and weighs a whopping 1kg so you’re not going to go hungry afterwards. We also do individual pies which are ideal for smaller households and they can be frozen too.

Our other flavours include:

Minced beef and onion

Steak and mushroom

Meat and potato

Savoury mince

Chicken and mushroom

Chicken, leek and Bacon

Chicken, leek and cider

And finally Corned beef and potato just like my Mum used to make!

The big question though is what do you have with your pie? Are you a pie, potatoes and veg or what about pie, chips and beans? Personally I’m pie, chips, mushy peas and gravy, real comfort food.

And here we go for the real pie fans out there, personalised pies! Whether it’s a Hap-pie Birthday pie or a cheeky message (yes we’ve had a few) we can add a message for you at no extra cost.

We have also catered for Pie and Pea evenings taking the hard work out of catering. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date with our ‘Pie of the week’.

If you would like to try Beeney’s pies for yourself just contact the website or call Samantha 07444595584