It’s that time of year, Spring is in the air and so is the unmistakable smell of wild garlic! This is our favourite time of year when we can get out foraging for all of the weird and wonderful things nature has to offer.


Last weekend we took to some local woodlands on our daily dog walk in hope of foraging for wild garlic and we found it in abundance. Its quite early in the season so the leaves are still young, fresh and plentiful. The best places to look are shady damp woodlands, you’ll probably smell it before you see it! It’s quite thirsty work so we recommend a well earned pint afterwards.

Our favourite thing to make with the wild garlic that we forage is pesto which we then add to a variety of things such as pasta dishes, risotto and seafood.  All you need is the following:

wild garlic

parmesan cheese

olive oil

pine nuts

white wine vinegar

salt and black pepper to season

We have used the homemade pesto in our quiche of the week, which is roasted tomato and pesto quiche. Although its featured as one of our specials of the week it can be ordered anytime from our website, facebook, instagram or by calling 07444595584